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Covering 80% of the world’s surface, the ocean is a vital element for the wellbeing of the global ecosystem. It is our prime ally in the fight against climate change as it absorbs and processes 50% of the CO2 emissions we produce. By contributing to our mission, your company will contribute to making a real impact.

The United Nations have established 17 Global Goals that need to be achieved by 2030. Enroll your company to make a real impact.

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By choosing Ogyre as a sustainable solutions partner, your company will increase its brand value by taking concrete action.

Brands with a high perceived positive impact have proven to grow their brand value of 175% over the course of 12 years.

Having a valuable purpose strengthens customer loyalty.


Tailored services

By choosing to work with us you will access a series of services
that go beyond marine litter collection.



Sustainability report

We provide concrete data to add to your ESG report.

Production offset

By contributing to marine litter removal, we help you offset your production.

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