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impactful purpose.

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Attract & retain top talent

Competitive pay and great benefits are not the only things outstanding talent looks for when picking their next adventure. They want purpose too.
By choosing to take a stand and address sustainability issues like marine pollution, your company will increase its chance to retain your best employees.

Companies who lead with purpose and with the goal to have a positive impact on the world are more likely to attract and retain top talent.

Why us? 


By choosing Ogyre as a sustainable solutions partner, your company will increase its brand value by taking concrete action.

Brands with a high perceived positive impact have proven to grow their brand value of 175% over the course of 12 years.

Having a valuable purpose strengthens customer loyalty.

Source kantar.no

Tailored services

By choosing to work with us you will access a series of services
that go beyond marine litter collection.



Employer branding

Involve and engage your staff in sustainable
projects with the aim to preserve our environment
and contribute to real change.

Corporate gifts

Give your employees and network the opportunity to
contribute to saving the ocean by gifting them kg of
marine litter and sustainable branded merchandise.

Team building opportunities

Organize sustainable team building opportunities such
as “Kayak4Litter”

Guest speaker series

Provide your staff with the tools and knowledge
necessary to have real, measurable impact by
learning directly from us with our sustainability speech

Get in touch with our sales team and start saving the ocean.


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