Strengthen your brand value by taking real action

Strengthen your brand value by taking real action

Increase your brand value while helping the ocean

We cannot afford to ignore the environmental crisis any longer. It is our collective duty to act now to reverse the damage. Brands need to take charge too. Customers require it, the world needs it. A strong sustainability strategy needs to be embedded into a company’s plan in order to achieve long term success.

Having a valuable purpose strengthens a company’s brand perception and subsequently it increases customer loyalty. Taking a truly impactful stand will improve your performance.

We are here to help


By choosing Ogyre as a sustainable solutions partner, your company will increase its brand value by taking concrete action.

Brands with a high perceived positive impact have proven to grow their brand value of 175% over the course of 12 years.

Having a valuable purpose strengthens customer loyalty.


Tailored services

By choosing to work with us you will access a series of services
that go beyond marine litter collection.



Customer engagement

We provide you with credible sustainability projects that link your offer to marine litter collection.

Campaign development

We support you in the development and launch of sustainable marketing campaigns by providing impactful storytelling and educational resources, as well as ad hoc content tailored to your needs.

Product marketing

By contributing to marine litter removal, we help you offset your production and, thus, new tools to successfully market your products.

Media kit

We will provide all of the material needed to prove to your audience that your company is putting money where its mouth is. Our tailored media kit includes photos, videos and interviews.

Get in touch with our sales team and start saving the ocean.


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